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Welcome to the thrill of Leisure!

We’re your go-to for the most electrifying events, coolest hangouts, and unforgettable moments.

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Who do we intend to serve?



We aim to serve anyone and everyone who seeks leisure, excitement, and unforgettable experiences.


Local Businesses and Vendors

We are equally committed to serving the businesses and event organizers. Our platform provides a unique opportunity for these businesses to connect with their customers, promote their offerings, and drive foot traffic.


The Diaspora Community

ChillsBay extends its services to serve the diaspora community by providing a convenient and reliable platform to plan and enjoy their visits.


Why not Chillsbay?

Your VIP Passport to Exquisite Events!

Your VIP Passport to Exquisite Events!

With us, you can reserve tables in your favorite clubs and gain access to the most exquisite events happening. Your nightlife deserves an upgrade - and it starts with ChillsBay.

Boost Your Business Foot Traffic With ChillsBay

Boost Your Business Foot Traffic With ChillsBay

For businesses, it's not just about visibility; it's about a vibrant connection with customers. ChillsBay makes it easy for you to showcase your offerings, connect with your audience, and enhance foot traffic.

Your Weekly Advisor on Most Happening Events!

Your Weekly Advisor on Most Happening Events!

At ChillsBay, we share all the latest events happening throughout the week. We enjoy keeping you in the know!

What people are saying

“This is my go-to source for everything happening! From free to exclusive events, this platform keeps me in the loop with simple updates, making it easy for me to plan my social calendar without breaking the bank.”


- Chiyem

“ChillsBay’s tips on navigating are pure gold. My lifesaver! Their advice is practical and always on point.”


- Toni

“ChillsBay is my fun-finder! It hooks me up with the coolest stuff to do in this very busy city. It's the cheat code for making sure every day has a touch of excitement. I feel anyone looking to enjoy should follow them on social media .”


- Tunji


Join Us!

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Are you a Vendor?

ChillsBay makes it easy for you to serve the customers in your community and expand your business. With our vendor management platform, you are able to focus on curating exciting experiences. Additionally , you will have access to market-specific insights and pointers to help your products and services stand out.

Are you an Affiliate?

ChillsBay’s Affiliate Program is for everyone who loves travel. If you love creating content and exploring, you can earn money by promoting ChillBay’s activities. Join us and turn your love for travel and leisure into earnings!

Commission on completed experiences

Access to exclusive experiences

Quick and easy sign up

No follower minimum/traffic

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About Us

We are a growing marketplace for travel activities in Nigeria. With industry-leading flexibility and last-minute availability, we aim to help create lasting memories. From tours to adventures, making memories that will last forever just became easier.

We are striving to be the brand behind millions of forever memories, and we have a good time while doing it.

Come help us evolve the process of creating memories, one experience at a time.


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How do I join ChillsBay as a vendor?

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What is the ChillsBay Affiliate Program?

Do I need a minimum number of followers or website traffic to join the Affiliate Program?

How do I sign up for the ChillsBay Affiliate Program?